Women’s Ministry

We believe that women, when united together, can be a powerful force for Jesus with great impact in our world.  When we lay aside our differences and focus on the one who unites us... Jesus... absolutely anything is possible.  Here at Redeemer, we offer many fun and engaging opportunities for discipleship, gathering women together to build relationships, and equipping women to lead and serve. For more information or questions about Women’s Ministry at Redeemer, please email Audrey Werner.


Women’s Retreat

Each spring are ladies head to the hill country for a weekend of renewal, drawing close to God, and spending quality time with one another.


IF: Gathering

IF: Gathering is a national network of thousands of women across the world who come together to be reminded that following God and making disciples is absolutely worth our time and energy. Redeemer is a host site for IF: Gathering each year for the Austin area.


Women’s groups

Redeemer is a church of groups and everything we do is within our groups construct. We encourage all of our women to be part of a group here at Redeemer, where we focus on experiencing Jesus, practicing the “one another's” and serving everyone. Click here for more information on groups at Redeemer.