A 7th & 8th Grade Ministry

The Purpose

Confirmation at Redeemer is a 2-year commitment to growing in one’s faith as we explore together what it means to experience Jesus, love one another, and serve everyone. It is expected that during these two years of commitment, a student will trust fully in Christ as his/her Lord and Savior. The Celebration of Confirmation happens in the spring of a student’s 8th grade year. It is not a graduation, but a milestone in a lifelong journey of following Jesus.

The Parents

It begins with you…The responsibility of your child’s spiritual growth is foremost in your hands, with the help of God. Research tells us that parents are the #1 faith influence in the lives of their kids. The church exists to come alongside you, love your young person, and teach them more about Christ. One of the best ways you can grow with your teen during these two years is by regularly attending worship with your youth, taking part in a group, and spending personal time in God’s Word and prayer. While we know families are busy, it is important to set aside time each week to grow spiritually with your family (especially in these times in our world). We look forward to partnering with you in this process.

The Design

At Redeemer, we want Confirmation to be a time of growth and fun. We know not every student learns in the same way, so each time we’re together, your son/daughter will get to explore their faith through large group teaching, small group “family group” conversation, interactive experiences and visuals, reflection times and food and play.

Confirmation is broken down into A year and B year.

“A” year (2020-2021) we walk through the different aspects of the Christian faith and explore what it means to be a Lutheran. We will look at things such as the Catechism and the 6 Chief Parts of our Faith. We’ll ask the questions “What does this mean for me today? How does God show His love to me in this? How does God challenge or strengthen me? How does God ask me to love others in this? And how does God ask me to serve outside myself in this?”

B year (2019-2020) we walk through the Old Testament and the New Testament. We’ll look at Scripture as God’s great story. We’ll unpack and memorize nugget pieces of scripture that we can write on the tablets of our heart, but we also will look at how we apply Scripture to our every day life and then helping the Jr Higher explore what it means to be missional in their every day world. We believe Confirmation is more than knowing about the faith, it’s about experiencing the faith.

The Expectations

After 2 years of Confirmation class, a student is eligible to publicly confirm his/her faith and become an active member of Redeemer Austin. On Confirmation Day, the same vows you made for your child on their baptism day are the same vows they will make and own themselves, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our hope is that, once confirmed, the teens will continue to grow in their faith and stay connected to the body of Christ. That is the promise they will make, after all.

Memory Work and Faith Talk

• Memory Work is so important to us at Redeemer. BUT we don’t want it to be “work,” we want it to be a form of family worship. We are asking that each month the Confirmand and their family chooses one of the memory verses from the Scripture Memory list and memorize it together. Think of creative ways to make this happen.

• Faith Talk on Sundays (or other worship services), we want you to reflect and talk about the worship service together as a family (this takes the place of sermon outline). Beginning Sept 16, we’ll hand each young person a laminated card that will have 4 or 5 reflection questions to put in the glove box of your car. As you head home each week the Confirmand will ask the Faith Talk questions of parent(s) and then the parent(s) will ask the Faith Talk questions of the youth. Questions like: What did you love most about the service today? What one thing did you wonder about? What was said that you maybe didn’t agree with? If you were to have a coke with Jesus today what would you ask him about what you heard? What was said today that challenged you to experience Jesus more, love one another and serve everyone?

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