Choose community… join a group


Redeemer is a large church and it’s easy to get lost in the mix. That’s not how God designed His Church. We are designed to know, love, encourage, and affirm one another. This is why we believe the Redeemer family will only be as strong as we are small. 

Groups provide us the opportunity to connect with each other more deeply, grow in our relationship with Jesus more fully, and serve at Redeemer and in our communities in meaningful ways. 

There are a few options you have when taking your next step to Choose Community. You can connect with a current group, join a new group that is starting up, or you can grab a friend and start your own. We will provide the training and will walk with you as you learn to lead if you choose this option.


Groups at Redeemer


Life Groups

Life groups meet either weekly or bi-weekly and consist of 5-7 families or 15-20 people that meet in homes and venues all across the Austin area.


Community Groups

Community groups are demographic specific groups that meet weekly on campus or in the community (young adults, men’s and women’s groups, etc.)


Serving Groups

Serving groups are just that… groups that serve together in a specific way. Serving groups serve on-campus, in the local community, and across the globe.

Our group culture


Experience Jesus

We engage in worship, the study of God’s Word, and prayer.


Love One Another

We practice the New Testament “one another’s” for building solid relationships.


Serve Everybody

We serve anyone and everyone we come into contact with.