Join us for a weekly Good ol’ Fashioned Family Picnic

starting March 14th 5:45pm-7:15pm

Lent is a 40-day season leading up to Easter that reminds us of Christ’s time in the wilderness where He fasted, prayed, and withstood temptation.  It is a time where we reflect on our own sin and focus on turning away from that sin. 

While we will still have traditional Lenten worship services each Thursday at 12:15pm, we recognize that asking families to attend services in the middle of the week is tough, so we’ve come up with a new way to share the gospel this Lenten season that is fun and easy for you and your family....we’re hosting a picnic! 

Each Thursday during Lent, we invite you to bring your family (and your dinner!)  to the Schroder Commons at 5:45pm to sing, worship, exchange ideas and perform a small service project with other families. 

Redeemer is growing right alongside your families and our hope is to provide a space that allows your crew to meet and bond with other families while growing together in Christ...all before bedtime. We promise to be done by 7:15pm. 

Brown bag, Drive thru, sushi...bring whatever your family likes so you don’t have to worry about dietary restrictions or picky eaters. This is an informal affair, don’t feel any pressure to keep your kids still or quiet. We just want to see you there.  

Here’s our topic schedule

March 14 - Obedience

March 21 - Witness

March 28 - True Religion

April 4 - Priorities

April 11 - Godly Fear

We hope to see you there, but if you’d like to attend traditional services, they’ll be held each Thursday at 12:15pm in the chapel (freewill offering lunch will be available and will start at 11am for those interested). 

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