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Don't be so focused on the past that you end up missing out on the present. - Pastor Kevin Westergren
Shed the burden of trying to earn God's love. - Pastor Steve Zank
Did you know that officially 2/3 of our congregation who have email addresses use The City? Join the almost 700 others who connect with us on The City!
A good life is more than looking good. Life is about being and doing good. Pastor Kevin Westergren
Kindness is the evidence of the Holy Spirit working in you. - Pastor Dave Schroder
The mark of God's people is not suffering -- it's patience. - Pastor Dave Schroder
God calls Christians to be positive in a negative world. - Pastor Dave Schroder
Help us in congratulating our confirmands as they celebrate confirmation with Holy Communion. #confirmation2015
No filter needed for this deliciousness. Did you enjoy our Celebration Sunday barbecue? #celebrationsunday