Men’s Network

The Men’s network at Redeemer is designed to help men discover their strengths as a son, husband, father, businessman and leader. Men have an internal desire to be part of something bigger than themselves and we want to empower all men to make a lasting impact for Jesus in their homes, communities and workplaces. For more information or questions about the men’s network at Redeemer, email Pastor Landon Ledlow.


Men’s Retreat

Each spring we take a weekend off and head out to camp for a weekend of recreating, building relationships and drawing closer to God. We use the time to just be guys together, we invite a regional speaker to lead us into the Bible, and we eat a ton of amazing food.


Guy’s Night

Guy’s night is an opportunity to just reconnect and spend some time out with the guys building relationships. Guy’s night happens every other month at a brewery or eatery around the Redeemer campus area.


Men’s Steak Dinner

Join us this fall for our inaugural Men’s Steak Dinner at Redeemer. More than 200 men will gather for an evening of amazing food, building relationships, and will get to hear from a nationally recognized speaker. Click here for details and registrations.


Men’s groups

Redeemer is a church of groups and everything we do is within our groups construct. We encourage all of our men to be part of a group here at Redeemer, where we focus on experiencing Jesus, practicing the “one another's” and serving everyone. Click here for more information on groups at Redeemer.