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 What is Night of Joy?

Night of Joy is a community event hosted by Redeemer Austin benefiting the children and families of Wooten Elementary School. The 2019 Edition of night of Joy will take place Wednesday, December 11, 2019 from 5:30-8:30pm at Wooten Park.

The idea is simple: Bring joy to our neighbors in the form of providing Christmas gifts for their children without the children ever knowing.

More than 90% of Wooten Elementary School families live below the poverty line. This often means that these family struggle to make ends meet and providing gifts for their children at Christmas is not something they are able to do easily.

Where Redeemer comes in: Redeemer has committed to provide Christmas gifts for the children attending Wooten Elementary and any of their younger or older siblings for the second year in the row. Redeemer will again host a party in the Wooten Park, allowing the parents to sneak away and pick up gifts that are picked out specifically for their children and put them in their cars all while the children are entertained by our volunteers. The kids have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. The parents come back, pick up their children and enjoy the rest of the festivities at the park. All for free. This allows the families to focus available funds on other priorities as letting the parents give gifts to their children in the way they feel is most appropriate.

Where you come in: Redeemer is asking its church family and surrounding community to pitch in and make this dream a reality for more that 500 kids. Learn more below about sponsoring a child, family or classroom, volunteering or becoming an event sponsor.


Want to see what Night of Joy is all about? Watch the video from last year!

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