SERVE one another - GLOBALLY

Serving is one of the best ways to live out your faith in community with others and is the most powerful way to make a difference in your life, the life of your family and the life of others.  Whether it's helping in the family ministry on Sunday mornings or serving on the other side of the world, opportunities to serve are plentiful here at Redeemer and we encourage everyone to get involved in shaping our church, our local Austin community, and our world.

We recognize how busy schedules can be, and we also recognize there's a million things competing for your time and attention.  Here at Redeemer we really believe that serving is paramount to growing closer to Jesus and as He taught us to serve by His own example, that's what we are working towards.


1. Joel and Iantha Schiewe - Hong Kong Pastor of Church of All Nations and Director of Concordia Mission Institute 

Learn more about Joel and Iantha Schiewe

2. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf - Botswana Translating Khwe Bible through Lutheran Bible Translators 

Learn more about Tim and Lisa Beckendorf 

3. Mission India - Redeemer supports 4 Lutheran mission planters, women’s literacy classes and children’s VBS 

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4. Amber and Austin Reed - Tanzania serving a safe house for children with albinism

Learn more about Amber and Austin Reed


GLOBAL opportunities


KENYA - May 30th through June 10th

In Kenya many have never heard the “Good News” of Jesus Christ’s love, mercy and His gift of salvation. Following Jesus’ directive, Trinity and other participating Churches address both the physical and spiritual vision of Kenyans through short term missions. The three to five year commitment of each Church is to provide teams or team members, who will combine with others to share the “Word” with brothers and sisters half a world away. This commitment provides a one on one sharing of faith to win souls to Christ. Many Kenyan Churches are established or witness rapid growth through this ministry.

Our mission teams conduct vision clinics while spreading the Word of God to all who attend. A single team of eight can reach hundreds in a single week, giving each visitor clear vision of Jesus Christ’s healing plus providing eye care through onsite services and materials. Vision care to the impoverished communities in Kenya allows for the greatest impact given the limited time and resources available.

Some needs however, transcend the clinic’s capabilities and many patients are cared for long after we leave. Through the contributions of the many supporting members of our congregations further hospital care can be provided. Follow up care after we leave the country provides a safety net to insure that those in need are not forgotten even given the vast distances. Coordination with local Kenyan doctors, pastors, and lay members keeps God’s healing ministry alive. 

This ministry is provided to many of the diverse peoples in Kenya; however, our primary out-reach is with the Maasai people. It is only in recent years that this people group has opened to Christianity. They are hungry to hear His message. Bibles written in their native language are carried by our teams. The elderly are provided reading glasses allowing them to see the printed word in Maasai and to read the Bible – often for the first time. 

As our ministry grows new Churches are constantly added. Within their congregations the Holy Spirit expands the giving hearts of those participating, feeding the hunger of mission work. Many who have never considered a mission experience are drawn to the “Great Commission” commanded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

We invite you to learn more about our ministry and how your prayers and efforts can help this needy cause.

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Port Arthur Disaster Trip - January 6-11, 2019

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