School is starting.  It’s an unrelenting fact that is unavoidable at this point.  It may not be tomorrow (or may be), but it’s coming.  Teachers have already been in their classrooms for a few weeks preparing materials, having parent/teacher conferences, and overworking laminating machines everywhere.

So as they lie down to sleep tonight, what are teachers praying about in anticipation of the ensuing school year?  Luckily, I have the joy of working with the greatest assembly of Jesus-loving teachers in the city of Austin to help me answer that question!

“I pray that they are able to grow in their faith this year.  I am also praying that the sixth graders feel safe, excited, and happy about being in our middle school.  This is a big transition for the students and can be challenging to adjust, prayer that the adjustment is quick.” 

“I want the kids to grow in knowing WHO they are and WHOSE they are!  Our God is so good!” 

“I am praying for my students to love and support one another throughout the year!  I pray that they grow in their faith, leadership skills, service to others, and knowledge.”

“I am praying that God gives me wisdom to see each child’s heart and that they will be walking closer to Him at the end of this year.  I am also praying that I am open to changing my ministry to fit the needs of the children and not stuck in ‘this is what my ministry looks like.'”

“For their hearts to be open to a love that only Christ can offer, especially as they enter their adolescent years.  I pray for a blessed year with flourishing relationships and learning.”

Like I said, I work with the most amazing teachers whose love for Jesus and your children have no end!

What are you praying for your children as school begins?