Senior Adults

Faith and fellowship during the Golden years

Redeemer ministries for Senior adults are geared toward helping those who are retired as well as those who are not so retired to grow in faith and fellowship during the golden years of their lives. Programs and activities include:

Golden Agers – A group for individuals age 75 and older who gather together for social gatherings and spiritual growth, in the name of Jesus our Savior, to praise and glorify His name. Golden Agers play a central and important role in meeting the transportation and visitation needs of our Senior adults to include them in our vibrant congregational life. Golden Agers sponsor Lenten meals before each 12:15pm Lenten service, host social and educational events, arrange special guest speakers, and provide musical inspirational and worship settings. Contact Mike Naleieha for additional information at 459-1500 extension 8836.

Widow and Widowers – A group that supports and encourages one another after the loss of a spouse. Luncheon in the Reception Room every 2nd Sunday, every other month. Contact Mike Naleieha for additional information at 459-1500 extension 8836.

Dominoes Group -Play 42 every first and third Thursdays in the Reception Room.  For more info contact Lois Bittner at 452-1960 to learn more about this group!

Visitation of the Homebound