While wholesale nfl jerseys the cheap jerseys new cheap jerseys email Petales format Its appears Green more organized, less cluttered, and easier to read, it also doesn’t include as much initial information as previous versions.  All the same great essential information can be had with a little exploring!

Let’s look at a few different areas as they have been divided according to color…

The Drop (blue) – This is a combination of links to resources, critical messages, and other useful items to support parents and teenagers growing in their faith together.  The power is in the links!

 The Video (yellow) – A quick hitting video version of the weekly need-to-know’s.  A fine place for basic info, but lacks the necessary details required for full participation.

refuge (orange) – We link the lessons from the past weeks so that you can share them with friends and revisit them throughout the week.

Programs/Events (green) – These will change often and they offer very basic information.  Always be sure to click on the links, which may be in text or the corresponding images.  For example, in the DEEP box, you would find directions to both locations in the links.  While the FNL:MessFest image link would send you to the Facebook event page with all of the critical information you need to know before taking part in such a glorious excuses to wear food.

Other Stuff (pink) – The top line of this area of the email has links to all of the ways to get information aside from this email.  The Facebook, Twitter, and TXT Updates are of particular importance for getting last minute information.  On the line below, there are links to download all of the essential forms necessary to participate in any RYM event that is off-campus.  While not in this image, the master schedule will also appear in this area each week.

That’s a brief rundown of everything you need to know to take in “This Week @RYM” to your greatest possible potential!  Happy ready!