Welcome the first experiment with our book study feature!  We are exploring Sticky Faith by Kara Powell & Chap Clark, so we invite you to join us.  Be sure to share with your friends if you find this useful!

Book Study | Sticky Faith | Chapter 5

There’s all sorts of great data and explanations of the current states of youth in the church, but we’re not covering any of that today.  There’s great ideas about putting high school students in roles to serve in children’s and junior high ministries, but you can read that on your own.  Today we are focusing on one critical idea: building a 5:1 relationship web.

5:1 means having “5 adults whom you recruit to invest in your kid in little, medium, and big ways” (p. 101).  There has been exhaustive research conducted over the past 30 years documenting the importance other adults play in the development and faith formation of children and teenagers.  While ministry leaders can be transient at times, these types of long-term intergenerational relationships can be one of the greatest outpourings of blessing your family might experience.  So how do you do this and what might adults do?

  • Be intentional.  Great things never just happen.  You need to build these type of relationships with regular contact.  Be specific about the roles want these adults to play in the lives of your children.  If you don’t specify, it won’t happen.
  • Partner with other families.  Get with 5 other families and plan your calendars together.  Share games, recitals, and other important upcoming family events.  Don’t be afraid to consider families that are in different stages with their marriage and kids.
  • Share it with your kids.  Don’t keep your kids in the dark to your strategy.   When they turn 13, sit down with them and come up with a list of 5 adults you both admire.  Ask those adults to spend 1 day each with your teenager and during it share 1 spiritual truth and 1 life truth.  Set a time to gather with those adults afterwards to share how everyone was impacted from those experiences.  Additionally, if you know who your kids respect and want to be like, you know they people you need to invite over more often for dinner.
  • Take initiative.  Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9)!  Be bold!  There are many people who want to mentor your kids just waiting to be asked.  Odds are that you already have some of these types of relationships in place just waiting for you to give it the vision for what could be!

What are the strategies you have used to build your 5:1 relationship web?