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Building faith through understanding

Redeemer hosts a wide variety of Bible study classes designed to help people to understand God’s Word and put these principles to work in everyday life. Classes are held during the week and on Sunday morning.

Weekday Bible Studies include:

Men’s Interactional Bible Study   Every 2nd & 4th Monday Evenings 7:00pm
Leader: Carey Best
Waterloo Ice House on Burnet Rd.

Tuesday Morning Lifelight Bible Study Tuesday Mornings 10:00am-11:30am
Leader: Mike Naleieha
Conference Room                                                                                                  

Women’s Bible Study Wednesday Mornings 9:30am-11:00am  Frappe with Phillippians by: Sandra Glahn
Leader: Lois Morea  The Coffee Shop Series
Brides Room                                                                             

Women’s Bible Study: Authentic- Christian or Hypocrit Wednesday Evenings at Redeemer                                                                                                                                                                             
Leader: Betty Voshage
Conference Room 6:00-7:30pm

Men’s Interactional Bible Study Friday Mornings 7:00am.-8:00am.
Leader: Darryl Kelinske
Reception Rm. D

Sunday Morning Bible Studies include:

The Bridge (Ages 18-30 yrs) 9:30am Middle School D-39
Leader: Kris Becker   Topics Vary

The Gathering Season 3  9:30 Reception Room B
End Times
Leaders: Beth Knippa
Come join us, we are middle of the road group, married, single, empty nesters, still have kids at home, not 30 something anymore, you are more than welcome to come join us.

Women’s Bible Study  9:30am Middle School D-41
Leader: Susan Backhaus – walk-in’s are always welcome!

 Christian Living Bible Class  9:30am   Reception Rm. A
Leader: Don Zielke

The Study of Isaiah  9:30am Middle School D-42
Leader: Al Gunning

Roots of Christianity (Video Discussion Class)  9:30am Conference Room
Leader: Dave DeVore



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