Parenting is demanding and you need to have your soul refreshed between .  For some, there’s nothing refreshing about reading.  However, there is something powerful about hearing God’s grace proclaimed to you through the words of another.  So without further ado, here’s 7 books (other than the Bible) that have been particularly refreshing to my soul!

  • Messy Spirituality (Mike Yaconelli) – The beautiful collision of God’s relentless grace in the midst of self-doubt, insecurities, and a dirty past.  One of the first books I recommend to people!
  • The Ragamuffin Gospel (Brennan Manning) – It strips away all your pride and selfish ambition and leaves you as you are ready to be drowned in the overflow of God’s grace.
  • Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller) – It’s not a great systematic theology book, but it’s an incredible contemplative journey by way of a series of memmays (memoir/essay).  This is a vibrant glance into the wrestling mind of 20 and 30-something Christians.
  • Jesus, My Father, the  CIA, and Me (Ian Morgan Cron) – A brilliant memoir of a life spanning 6 decades.  It’s incredibly articulate and is a must for men if they’ve ever longed for their father’s approval or alcoholism runs in their family.
  • The Jesus I Never Knew ((Phillip Yancey) – Get to know Jesus beyond his claim, death, and resurrection.  You will love Jesus more!  Just an amazing book about Jesus!
  • A Grief Observed (C.S. Lewis) – Written in the wake of his wife’s death, the raw portrayal of CS Lewis encountering sin’s ultimate price while embracing his trust in God offers companionship when life seems empty and lost.
  • Praise Habit (David Crowder) – One of the most articulate songwriters of modern Christian music journeys through the Psalms.  With his quirky and transparent style, it’s an unsuspecting book that allows you to be constantly awed by God.