“Explore with us”, “We all wonder”, and “We all have questions” are phrases taking over the billboards of Austin.  You’ve seen recent pieces on KXAN, KEYE, and KVUE.  The Facebook page has over 80,000 “likes”.  Explore God is everywhere.  So what should you know about it and how might it be useful to you and your family?

3 Things You Should Know

  • It’s about THE CHURCH, not our “church”.  “Oh yeah!  They’re doing that at our church too!”  You may hear similar comments over the next few months, but the truth is that this isn’t a bunch of churches working together.  It’s THE CHURCH of Jesus in Austin that is united in his life, death, and resurrection!  To Christ be the glory!
  • You don’t need to have all the answers.  No matter how hard we try, we (pastors included) will never have all the answers.  It’s okay.  The Bible even tells us that the mysteries of God are great (1 Timothy 3:16).
  • It’s about having spiritual conversations, not converting people.  Sometimes it feels like we have to convince people of what we believe when talking about our faith.  Experience the freedom in Christ to not worry about presenting a strong case.  We want you to share and discuss your doubts, challenges, and moments of being covered in God’s grace.  Besides, it’s only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we can receive the Gospel…God changes hearts and gives life!

3 Ways to Utilize It

  • Spend time in solitude considering the questions presented.  Solitude is pushed aside in our busyness, but Jesus valued solitude and practiced it often (Luke 5:16)  It’s in solitude when we are most free of distraction and aware of God’s presence and words in our life.  Spend some time listening.
  • Use it as a family devotional.  While many of the materials might be difficult to discuss with younger children, this is great to use for a weekly family discussion with teenagers!  It’s a great opportunity to practice critical thinking in a faith discussion!
  • Gather with a group to discuss and share.  Go get coffee with some friends and have a good conversation about life!  Everything you need is found here!  Ask some good questions and listen!

How are you going to use Explore God?